Trapezius Strain Release Techniques – Top 5

Trapezius Strain Release Techniques – Top 5

Today, we will talk about the best 5 trapezius strain release techniques. The upper trapezius is attached from the base of the skull, the spinous processes of the spine, and also the scapula, which is your shoulder blades that helps you shrug your shoulders. If you’re a bodybuilder and constantly doing these shrugging exercises to build the upper traps, this muscle can get quite tight and cause you headaches and poor posture. The muscle can get tight as well if you’re constantly hunched over something and working for long periods of time, especially if you’re over the desk or working on the computer. Some people might get neck pain or headaches especially radiating to the front of the head.

Recently I started weightlifting and I’ve noticed that my flexibility isn’t that great. My coach said to me that I should use some trapezius strain release techniques and see if my flexibility improves. And it definitely did. So I highly recommend you do these exercises. So before we actually massage your stretch to upper trapezius we’re going to warm up the muscles with an isometric contraction.

Isometric contraction

What we’re going to do in this exercise is trying to pull the head, back raise your shoulders up, and contract the upper trapezius. Raise your upper traps to add about 60% to 70% capacity and hold that for about 10 seconds and then relax. This counts as one set and do this three to four times. What this does, is the pomace blood into the muscles and reduces the spasming and not the trapezius. This will make the stretches in the massage much more effective. The main action on the upper trapezius is to raise your shoulders up and pull back.

A lot of bodybuilders and weightlifters do this exercise to build strength and muscle from upper trapezius. However, we’re doing this because of the body weight resistance, for the general purpose of warming up those trapezius muscles.

The Upper Trap Massage

You can do this massage against a pole or corner of the wall, as long as you got some space where you can put your head through. The first movement of the massage is just to press against the pole and roll the ball from the front of the upper trapezius to the back. Just back and forth like so there should be at least two tender spots on the muscle. Just place the ball where you feel the tender and add a little bit of pressure against the pole and roll back and forth.

Trapezius Strain Release With A Ball

The next movement is to put the ball at the base of the neck and roll outwards towards the tip of the shoulder as far as you can. You can change the positioning of your body so the ball can actually roll up and down the pole. Do about 20 strokes on each tender spot and move on to the next. I want you to return back to the tender spots three times. This releases the tension from the muscles. This technique is fantastic for neck spasms, headaches, migraines, and even some neck strain as well. However the most important is that it is great for your posture mobility and of course your shoulders.

Here I am using a lacrosse ball. You can use a cricket ball or a tennis ball, whatever is at your convenience or even a massage ball.

Sitting On An Arm

Next stretchers sit on the hand on the side that you’ll be stretching. For example, I’m stretching on my right side, so, therefore, I’ll be sitting on my right hand. This stretch is mainly stretching the upper trapezius, where you face forward. Just place your hands copying the side of your head and allow the weight of your arm to pull your head to the side stretching out the trapezius.

Stretch of The Levator Scapulae

The second stretch stretches the levator scapulae. Just have your head facing your side pocket or your nose facing your arm as if you were trying to sniff your arm. Let the levator SCAP helps bring the shoulders up and also extends your head with upper trapezius. It’s important to stretch this muscle and stretch for about 30 seconds to a minute – three to four times. It’s important to stretch this muscle as well because it affects your posture and sometimes it can cause your headaches. So it’s a great idea to loosen this muscle up and most importantly they will also loosen up your shoulders.

All right, guys, I hope those exercises helped you improve your flexibility and released your trapezius strain.