Try Valerian Root as an Herbal Back Pain Reliever

Try Valerian Root as an Herbal Back Pain Reliever

Try Valerian Root as an Herbal Back Pain Reliever

If you wish to avoid prescriptions and surgery try Valerian root used as an herbal back pain reliever. Valerian has been used for pain relief and for its sedative properties for centuries. Herbal back pain treatments are becoming more popular among those with chronic pain since many people need non-prescription remedies.


Back pain is a common and sometimes debilitating condition that affects millions of Americans. According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 31 million people in the United States experience back pain at any point in time, and approximately 80 percent of Americans will develop back pain at least once during their lifespan. Certain herbs, including valerian, may be beneficial in treating your back pain, but it is always wise to clear the use of herbs with your physician first.

About Back Pain

“…Potentially life-threatening causes of back pain include spinal cancer or infection and cauda equina syndrome. Significant risk factors for back pain include smoking, obesity, depression and anxiety. Muscle pain, altered gait or posture and decreased range of motion are among the most common symptoms of a back injury.”

Valerian Description

Valerian is a perennial plant indigenous to both Europe and North America. This plant possesses a round flowering stem that grows to a maximum height of 4 feet, has dark green leaves arranged in pairs, bears rose-colored flowers and blooms from June to September. Valerian’s preferred habitat is damp grasslands. The root of the plant contains many medicinal ingredients and is used in herbal preparations. Valerian can be consumed as a powder, liquid extract or tincture.

Herb Effects

“Valerian root has long been used to treat numerous health problems. According to Dr. Alan R. Gaby, a medical doctor and the author of “The Natural Pharmacy,” valerian root has historically been used in treating pain, anxiety and insomnia. Valerian possesses sedative action, helps improve your circulation and has also been used in treating muscle spasms, which commonly accompany back pain, especially low back pain. Further clinical research trials may be needed to examine the true health benefits of this herbal remedy.”

Keep in Mind…

“Back pain is one of the most common causes of missed work and disability, and it should always be evaluated by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Numerous factors or underlying conditions can cause back pain, so you should not delay seeking care from your primary care provider if you develop pain or discomfort in your back.”

“Valerian root and other herbs historically used in treating back pain may cause unwanted health effects in certain individuals. Always discuss herb-related risks, benefits, and limitations with your doctor before you use these powerful agents.”

Increasing demand for natural herbal remedies for chronic back pain has made Valerian an increasingly popular choice. If you have tried many treatments for your pain and wish to try Valerian root as an herbal back pain reliever, see your doctor first and then consult an herbal specialist.

Side Effects of Valerian Use

Pаrt оf valerian’s lоng history оf uѕе іѕ іtѕ relative freedom frоm ѕіdе effects. Whеn taken аѕ directed fеw people report аnу noticeable adverse effects. Whеn buying valerian іn supplement fоrm уоu ѕhоuld avoid products manufactured outside thе U.S., buy frоm reputable companies, аnd uѕе according tо package directions. Don’t replace аnу prescription sleep aids уоur physician mау hаvе prescribed wіth valerian wіthоut fіrѕt consulting wіth hіm оr hеr. Discontinue uѕе аt thе fіrѕt sign оf adverse ѕіdе effects.